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Currently, we have a continent map in the works by Alty, and the information on the continent of Arnia is going to be overhauled and fleshed out when that's finished. So, more lore stuff is coming.

Level ups will be handled differently, for the sake of those who wish to play multiclass characters. Instead of being informed that you've reached x level, you will simply be informed that you've earned an experience level. To begin the process of leveling, you respond to the thread as normal, but this time you'll be saying what class you want to take a level in.

More homebrew! I'm adding action points to the game, sort of. In Arnia, all characters will have one action point per day. This is essentially a free standard action that you can expend(say you roll a 1 on an attack, you can attack again). Standard actions can be used to attack, move, reload, and so on.

Submitting ideas for lore and homebrew things can earn you experience. Now, keep in mind that you only earn the experience(and the amount you earn is decided on a case to case basis) if your submission is adopted into the game.

I am also going to be accepting volunteers for game staff positions soon.

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