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 Arnian - Basic Race

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Arnian are the Winged People. They rule over the Kingdom of Arnia, and are considered to be gentle, learned, majestic people. Due to the nature of their body, and the fact that they evolved with wings, the Arnian People are more frail than other species - their bones are less dense, making them lighter and capable of flying.

Arnians have the following racial traits:

-4 constitution, +2 intelligence, +2 wisdom, +2 charisma.

Arnians have a base speed of 30 on land.

Fly (Ex): All Arnians can fly at a speed of 50 feet with average maneuverability, as long as they do not carry more than a Medium load, are not wearing heavy armor and are not fatigued or exhausted. They have a wingspan of 12 feet and cannot fly in an area where they cannot fully extend their wings.

An Arnian can make a dive attack. A dive attack is treated like a charge, but the avariel must descend a minimum of 30 feet and attack with a piercing weapon. If the hit is successful, it deals double damage. An Arnian may use the run option while flying, but must remain flying in a straight line.

Arnians begin play speaking common. Arnians with high intelligence scores can choose any languages they want(except secret languages, such as druidic.)
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Arnian - Basic Race
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